Where the Dead Go to Die (2012) movie review

Director: Jimmy ScreamerClauz

Writer: Jimmy ScreamerClauz

Starring: Ruby Larocca, Brandon Slagle, & Joey Smack

Runtime: 95 minutes

Rating: Not Rated

Country: U.S.

Sub-genre: Animated/Extreme/Anthology

An animated anthology flick with some pretty outdated animation, (think FMVs from Playstation One games) where all three segments are attached by denizens all living on the most unhinged street suburbia has ever hallucinated about, and the world’s evilest dimension/time-traveling dog in the history of cinema.

In the first segment Labby (the evil dog) convinces a little boy with the worst adult-trying-to-voice-over-a-child since “House by the Cemetery” that his mother is going to give birth to the antichrist, and that in order to prevent the world’s destruction his father, his mother, and her unborn fetus must be killed. The little boy brings the demon-eyed Labby home who then proceeds to perform a do-it-yourself abortion…. with his teeth. Overcome with guilt the boy looks to absolve himself of his sin. Labby takes advantage of this and tells the boy the only way to do this is to fuck him (the dog) over his parents corpses. Just to give you a taste of how evil this dog is. This sets the stage for the most demented cartoon/animated feature I have ever seen.

The second segment, the shortest & least demented of the three, surrounds a memory thief/addict living in an abandoned church, his shadowy cohorts that look like something out of “Ink”, a hooker, and an ex-soldier with no legs who enjoys having his phantom limbs jerked off while he has flashbacks of the war.

The third and most insane of the bunch, if those last two weren’t enough, involves a boy who is made to wear a mask in an effort to cover the conjoined twin on the side of his head. Like any conjoined little boy he falls for a girl in his class. The problem is her father uses her in his neighborhood child pornography ring that he charges neighbors to take part in. If that’s not enough, if she disobeys her father, he hangs her from the ceiling via some kind of suspension mask. Sound demented enough for you? That’s just the nipple of the iceberg.

Each segment is laced with wild backgrounds, that the word trippy isn’t even remotely insane enough to describe, populated by dancing mutated frankenstein on peyote creations, and divided by hallucinatory visuals only the Marquis De Sade & Ed Gein’s love child could conjure up after a night of binge drinking absinthe & gorging on morning glory seeds. There is no way I can appropriately describe this movie to anyone who hasn’t tripped out of their mind before. It was definitely weird for the sake of weird, and extreme for the sake of extreme, but the word psychotic doesn’t even begin to do it justice. It was worth seeing at least once just to say “what the fuck” over & over again, but I would only own it as a collectors piece. My wife (Krys) got it for me as part of my belated birthday present, so I own it, and I wouldn’t say it was a waste of money, but it’s not something I’ll be quick to rewatch any time soon unless I’m dropping white blotter and am hell-bent on forcing my friends into a bad trip, for my own personal amusement. But I’m just not that kind of guy.

It has its ups & downs. Some parts are coherent, some are overly psychotic and purely visual, but every inch of it from opening to end credits was demented. I have nothing I can honestly compare it to. It’s jam-packed with a lot of stuff you won’t see anywhere else. If you buy it let me be the first to welcome you to Hell on peyote… where the dead go to die.

6 out of 10 Floating Cupackes

Posted by: Dave “Captain Insanity” Caroleo


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