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They All Must Die (1998) movie review

Director: Sean Weathers

Writer: Sean Weathers

Starring: Uncredited

Runtime: 85 minutes

Rating: Unrated

Country: U.S.

Sub-genre: Rape/Revenge

Banned for 13 years. DAAAA NUUUN! DAAAA NUUUN! That’s perfect bait. Goresharks smell that kind of blood in the cinematic water, they come swimming fast. There are plenty of rape/revenge flicks floating around, but how many of them snag the attention of the N.Y.P.D. and the F.B.I.?  So with a sick curiosity I was anxious to watch this. Although I admit I was somewhat skeptical.

Well, let me just say…They All Must Die! lives up to the hype and then some.  The so called “ban” itself might just be a marketing gimmick–perhaps in actuality it just took awhile to find the right distribution.  But seriously, this film is as brutal as a right hook to the nuts.  The astonishing performances and the grainy, amateurish camera work make it seem all to real.  Plus, this film adds an extra jolt with its racially charged themes.  Director Sean Weathers doesn’t pull any punches.

The story is heavily influenced by I Spit On Your Grave.  Instead of hillbilly rednecks, we have gangster thugs.  Wendy is a young white female who moves to the ghetto in order to write her new book titled “America Through the Eyes of the Black Man.”  Well, the locals have more sinister intentions than simply being inspiration for her novel.

The tension starts to bubble immediately like a pot of water on the stove full flame.  The sharp street slang adds an uncomfortable realism as the story culminates to its full-on boiling point.  And the rape scene…holy shit….the most harrowing and vicious thing you’re likely to ever see.  I was in total shock–so alarming and real.  It looks like a video someone uploaded to YouTube.  This extremely violent incident drags on for what seems like forever offering no easy relief or escape.

The movie eventually winds down with its revenge aspect which is hinted at in the title.  None of these acts of retribution seem believable.  Which in a way is a relief.  With this third act the story promptly shifts to obvious fiction which serves as a welcome reminder that this all is just a movie.

Still an impressive job by everyone involved. It’s the kind of hardcore horror cinema only suited for a select few sickos. If you can handle it, watch it…with the shades pulled down.

(7 out of 10)

Review by Chris “Mack Attack” Blackshere