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Bunnyman 2 (2012) trailer


Interview with Filmmaker Carl Lindbergh

Krys: Thanks for taking time to answer my questions!

Carl Lindbergh: Thank you for the interview. :)

Krys: No thank you for the interview.

Krys: Ok where do I start, oh yeah… When you wear the suite, do parents want you to take pictures with their kids?

Carl Lindbergh: Yes, and then I hand their kids fliers for the film, which state among other things “Watch a 7 foot tall Bunnyman fuck shit up”. Naturally the kids give this flier to their parents, and let’s just say I get a lot of dirty looks afterwards.

Krys: Is the suit yours, or is it a rental?

Carl: It’s mine…. it’s beyond dirty after part 2. I believe there is something called the Bunnyman rash, which you get after you wear the outfit. That’s the reason only two people are credited wearing the suit this time, since no one wants to wear it…. and I don’t want to wash it, cause the suit looks better dirty.

Krys: Ewww! The Curse of the Bunnyman rash! LoL!! Will Bunnyman 2 be gorier than the first?

Carl Lindbergh: There are more deaths, but not necessarily more gore. For example, I have Bunnyman get onto a school bus, and lets just say it doesn’t go well for the 20 kids on the school bus. I’m sure the film will be unrated, but if I show 20 kids beheaded at the beginning of the film, I’m sure some parent group or someone will take notice. So I kill them more discretely.

Krys: Will Joe be more of a prominent character in the sequel?

Carl: Yes. The film is about Joe and Bunnyman’s relationship. I felt their characters were the most interesting from Bunnyman 1, so the story revolves around their relationship… and the issues they have such as how to dispose of the bodies they keep amassing. The idea with the sequel is to tell a horror film from the antagonist point of view, since they are more interesting than the protagonist.

Krys: What’s with the bags of skeletons in the trees, and the upside down crosses?

Lindbergh: That’s just a quirky habit of Joe’s. We see him doing more of this in Bunnyman 2. It’s Joe’s idea of “drying out the meat”.

K: What were some challenges you faced in filming?

CL: Bunnyman 2 was by far the hardest film to make. We were dealing with a difficult location, weather that averaged 120 degrees. We had crew get fired, and one crew member quit towards the end of the shoot. I hired some crew members that I should not have, that should have been replaced in hindsight. We had schedule issues, re-writes etc. I learned a lot of lessons the hard way on this film, and believe me the next film will be better for it.

K: What were some funny things that happened when filming?

CL: The biggest irony of making the film was, we have a actor playing a crazy redneck, and during production we would have real life crazy rednecks harassing us on set. It felt like we should just turn the camera around, and film the real thing. Funny in hindsight was the swarm of bees and wild tarantulas that we had to contend with daily. One dinner I looked down, to see a huge wild tarantula walking a couple feet away from my toes. I learned to sleep with my tent closed on day one.

K: What if any were influences that inspired bunnyman?

CL: The slasher genre as a whole is a big influence of Bunnyman.

K: Will the second movie be a sequel, or a prequel?

CL: It’s a sequel. I think it would be interesting for a series of films to revolve around Bunnyman’s story, and the random crazy people he continues to meet on his life’s journey.

K: Is the budget for BM2 bigger?

CL: It’s the same budget as Bunnyman 1. However, the good thing is I can get a lot more milage out of the same budget three years later. For example, technology has improved so much, that we shot on a better camera, for half the price. As a producer I’m getting better at managing the same resources that I always have, and as I make more films, I have more of a track record to leverage so I can get more people willing to help me out.

K: If you had a huge budget for bunnyman what would you do differently?

CL: I would hire professionals across the board. I would schedule the film for a longer shooting schedule. I would have a actual effects budget, and I would kill many, many people in very creative ways.

K: Did you ever have a bad experience with an Easter bunny?

CL: No, I’m not religious so the holiday never even registered with me.

K: Where did Bunnyman acquire his costume? Will Bunnyman 2 answer that?

CL: I never explained the origins of the costume. I always felt that if I explain the character too much, it will loose it’s mystic. The answer is never going to be as interesting as asking the question why or how.

K: What would bunnyman put inside of Easter eggs?

CL: Death…. or as Joe would say in the film, “Something to choke the little bastards”.

K: What do you think the Cadberry bunny tastes like?

CL: Diabetes :)

K: What are your top 10 favorite horror movies?

CL: Some of my favorite horror films are Halloween, Phantasm, Hellraiser 1 & 2, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Nightmare on Elm Street, Cemetery Man, Return of the Living Dead, the Evil Dead series. Basically most of the classic 80′s horror films. I do have a soft spot for Freddy Vs. Jason though.

K: We ask this to everyone: if you could eat one mystical creature what would it be and how would you cook it?

CL: Probably a white unicorn, because that’s probably the most taboo creature to eat….. like in the film “Legend”. So knowing me, I would probably just fry that sucker up when no one was looking, and use it’s horn as a toothpick.

K: The baby in the first bunnyman who was it, and how in the hell did you get the parents to ok this??

CL: The same way I got 20 kids parents to let me murder their kids in a school bus. Some parents are just cool with having their kids in a horror film. When I have kids, I think it would be awesome to have them running around in a horror film with a bloody knife etc.

K: Will BM2 explore more of the “families” past?

CL: Not so much as the “families” past, but a lot of the film covers the family dynamic between Joe and Bunnyman. Talk about a dysfunctional family! There is a dinner scene in part 2 that has Joe and Bunnyman eating dinner. There is a argument, and Bunnyman’s innocent white bunny is killed in the process. And I don’t mean killed gently, but absolutely obliterated.

K: What is your favorite sub-genre of horror?

CL: I like the sci-fi / horror sub-genre. That’s the genre of film I would like to get into when I have a sufficient budget to back up my ideas.

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Bunnyman 2 (2012) press release

Here comes Bunnyman Bloody-Tail

Chopping Down the Murder Trail

Slicity Dicity

Bunnyman 2 is on it’s way!!

For those,  like us, who loved Bunnyman, and wanted a sequel to further explore all the furry, chainsaw-wielding madness that was Bunnyman, 2012 will see its Easter-egg of a sequel pulled from the Cadbury Bunny’s throat, and released on our DVD players.  Writer/Director/Producer/Editor (Geez he’s got a lot of fuckin’ jobs) Carl Lindbergh is bringing back the slasher mascot with a sequel that is bigger, bloodier, grittier & better than its predecessor in every way that is feasibly imaginable. Lindbergh counts at least 23 deaths in the sequel. 23!! That is almost the equivalent to 3 baseball teams worth of blood-gargling goodness!!

This sequel will see the return of David Scott as the lovable, redneck psychopath Joe, and will delve deeper into his relationship with the Bunnyman.  It will also focus more on the antagonists this time around, and less on the teenage power-tool fodder. Because let’s face it who gives a shit about the asshole with the chainsaw in his face. No one’s buying a t-shirt with that guy’s mug on it. Also joining the cast this time around (aside from the multitude of hot chicks) will be Maria Olsen & Marshal Hilton both of which have been in a staggering amount of independent horror flicks.  And the leading hot chicks will be played by Julianne Dowler & Jennifer June Ross.

Aside from the woods, (which is oddly enough the site of an Indian burial ground) where horror seems to vacation the most, Bunnyman 2 will also take place in a rural, decaying, ghost town.  The type where one would expect the ghosts of cowboys to be drinking, shooting, flipping tables, and accusing each other of cheating at card games.  This time around Bunnyman’s arsenal will boast more than just a chainsaw, a knife, and a hot poker.  This time he ain’t fucking around. For instance I don’t know what the fuck that thing to my left is, but if ole Bunnyman uses it, I’ll be one smiling son of a motherless goat!! As Lindbergh has said, “There are more gruesome ways to kill someone than with a chainsaw.” I’ll certainly drink to that.

In closing I would like to say; Fuck the Easter Bunny, Fuck Bugs Bunny, Fuck that Cadbury bastard, Fuck Peter Cotton Tail, Fuck Max & Ruby, Fuck Usagi Yojimbo (just kidding Usagi rocks!) Bunnyman is the coolest buck-toothed, 7 foot, bushy-tailed muthafucka this side of the rabbit hole. Rabbit is the new zombie people!!

-  Dave & Krys signing the fuck off!!

For more info on cast & crew visit Bunnyman 2 on IMDB here! & for updates on it’s progress Like it’s Facebook page here!!

Here’s 2 trailers for the first flick, if you haven’t caught that badboy yet.