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Porno Holocaust (1979) movie review

You might want to wear protection while watching this!


WRITER: Tom Salina

CAST: George Eastman, Dirce, Funari, Annj Goren, Mark Shannon, & Lucia Ramirez

RUNTIME: 111 minutes

Ahhh yes, the notorious Porno Holocaust directed by Joe D’Amato. He is perhaps the only director willing to blend hardcore sex scenes with some vicious gory horror. Many of you fellas might be fond of that combination. Now this is an admirable attempt by the Italian director, but don’t get overly excited.

The first half of this underground classic is crammed to the rim with nudity–I’m talking sex, sex, sex. Nothing held back or insinuated here–it’s graphic, super sleazy stuff. Mark Shannon showcases his cool mustache and hairy chest along with some stiff acting and suave bedroom moves. Good times! It does go a little overboard though.

Eventually the gore and the thin plot start to develop. The group explores an island with a mysterious curse. Soon they bump heads with a well-endowed mutant fella with a voracious sexual appetite. He stalks the visitors then brutally takes care of some dirty deeds.

The kills are not too spectacular, and the effects are pretty cheap. I was wishing for the gore to get kicked up a notch. But I suppose there is a certain sick charm to be found in some of the monster’s methods. There’s definitely some stuff you don’t see every day.

Throw in the horrendous dialogue and clich├ęd plot developments and you have pretty much summed this movie up. Not D’Amato’s best by any means, but dang your DVD collection just looks cooler with this in it. 3.5 stars

Posted by: Chris Blackshere