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The Devil’s Rock (2011) trailer


The Devil’s Rock (2011) movie review

Director: Paul Campion

Writers: Paul Campion & Paul Finch

Starring: Craig Hall, Matthew Sunderland, & Gina Valera

Runtime: 83 minutes

Rating: Unrated

Country: New Zealand

Sub-Genre: Nazisploitation/Supernatural

No this isn’t a movie about crack. If the Devil smoked crack, there would be no furniture in Hell.  Not that I can really picture him owning a love-seat. Anyways….

The only thing nazi’s love as much as goose-stepping, prompt mass transit, & genocide is the occult. A supernatural means to crush their enemies & conquer the world.  A weapon more powerful than any blitzkrieg, or atomic bomb.  Two kiwi soldiers are sent in on a covert operation to sabotage gun emplacements so Allied ships can invade a kraut-occupied island. While carrying out their mission they hear screams echo from a mysterious, sparsely guarded bunker and investigate.  Inside the labyrinth of dark tunnels they find a nazi officer, his enchanting female prisoner, and a wall to wall massacre.

Right off the bat this move reminded me of The Twilight Zone episode “The Howling Man” as well as the 1983 Michael Mann supernatural horror flick “The Keep”. It wasn’t exactly the same, but all 3 featured devils/demons being kept in captivity. The Keep featured nazis as well, so it bears an even closer resemblance to that… though this film was infinitely superior. Is this a spoiler? Unless you’re illiterate… not at all, as the title of the movie overtly suggests what it’s going to be about.  In fact every movie poster also depicts the film’s demon, so even if you are illiterate, not that you can read what I’m typing right now, you would also not have the movie spoiled for you.

That being said this flick could be described as very minimalist, keeping to the adage, “less is more”. And in this movies case a lot more. It managed to accomplish more than movies with 10 times the cast, budget, special effects, etc.. To say the least it accomplished a lot with very little; very little cast (3 to 4 main characters in total out of a cast of 8… 10 if you count the dead germans everywhere), & very little death unless again you count the dead nazis & their disembodied limbs painting every room. Above all it managed to stay intriguing throughout its entire runtime. Matthew Sunderland who plays the Nazi officer Col. Klaus Meyer seemed to be channeling Kevin Spacey the entire time, so as you can imagine his performance is enthralling. The sultry female lead/leads are sparsely dressed the whole time so that manages to keep your attention locked onto the screen, and when in demon form she’s pitch ass naked. The special effects are all done by Weta Workshop (District 9, Black Sheep, The Host, The Hobbit, 30 Days of Night, The Lord of the Rings, King Kong, etc,), so when they rear their head you can be rest assured they are nothing short of pure excellence. If that isn’t enough to get you interested; the atmosphere is, because it takes place in a bunker, lit in such a way that it seems darkness is always looming in the background… ever-present, and threatening to press in. The stone-tunnel settings are painted in the blood of dead nazis, and their severed limbs; mortal leftovers strewn about courtesy of a demonic interior decorator. Despite how minimalist it is, it has something for everyone. All in all, this was a great horror film that will probably go overlooked by most, but it is one you absolutely shouldn’t miss out on.

(9 out of 10)

Posted by: Dave “Captain Insanity” Caroleo


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